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Undergraduate Admission 2016
(Only Madrasa & Technical board apply directly at MIST Admission Desk, by 19 October 2016)



  1. Raw data processing and data mining from CSV formatted data.
  2. Conversion of large scale non relational unstructured data to structured relational database.


  1. MIST Parade State System
  2. MIST Discipline State System
  3. Staff/Faculty Members’ Appraisal System
  4. MIST Central Library System
  5. MIST e-Support System
  6. Admission Management System
  7. Biometric Attendance System
  8. Online Admission and Registration System
  9. MIST Integrated Automation System
  10. Establishment of Tier-2 Data Center
Last updated on Monday, June 20, 2016